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Besan health benefits

Besan is gram flour or chickpea powder that is high in fiber and minerals. It can be found in practically every Indian home and is used to make delectable pakoras. Chickpea flour may also be used in place of wheat flour in various sauces and gravies since it mixes well and adds a nutty taste. This versatile medication has several health advantages and is a key component in many skin-lightening home treatments. It is used to the skin to exfoliate and cleanse it. It may also be used as a hair pack. It aids in weight loss and diabetes management. Here are some of besan’s health advantages:

1. Beneficial to the heart

Besan includes soluble fiber, which is good for your heart. The fiber component of besan flour helps to reduce cholesterol levels, which aids in the appropriate working of the heart and good blood circulation.

2. Reduces diabetes

Besan is one of the most effective diabetic home treatments. Diabetes is kept under control via a reduced glycemic index. You may use gram flour instead of wheat flour to make bread and rotis.

3. Helps with allergies

If you are gluten intolerant, this is the flour to use. This gluten-free foodstuff can replace wheat, which includes gluten. It also has lower calories and is quite healthy. Besan aids in the prevention of numerous allergic responses.

4. Assists in weight reduction

Because of its low glycemic index, besan aids in quicker calorie burn. Consuming besan will help you eat fewer calories throughout the day. Include besan in your regular diet to increase fat burning and nutrition.

5. Assists in skin tightening

Besan is one of the most beneficial skin care home treatments. It tones and brightens the skin. It also aids in the preservation of skin suppleness. Simply combine a spoonful of gram flour with a pinch of turmeric and a splash of milk to produce a paste. Allow this paste to dry on your neck and face. After some time, rinse with icy water and use moisturizer.


Besan flour is not only useful for preparing weight-loss and diabetes-management foods, but it may also be your skin’s beauty mate. Besan is an excellent choice for nutritious flour to incorporate into your diet.

Thus, from taking a toll on our health and skin, we got to know about the role of besan in shaping our health. Looking above at the numerous beneficial factors about besan, if you are also willing to buy pure besan, Lyfepure provides you with the best organic food products in India.

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