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Do Spices Get Expired, when to toss when to keep?

We’ve all had that moment in our lives when we’ve considered tossing out the old spices stashed in the back of our cabinets. But wait a minute, do spices really expire, and if so, how long do they last? Here is an extensive research by LYFEPURE premium spices.  Without the appropriate amount of spices, Indian food is incomplete and tastes bland; a smart cook understands that quality always takes precedence over quantity when adding spices. When using natural and pure spices, such as LYFEPURE premium spices, a small amount goes a long way.

Spices, for the most part, do not expire or go bad; instead, they lose their scent and flavor intensity. It has a longer shelf life than many other fresh items, such as dairy and animal goods. But they may go rancid and disturb the molecular composition if not kept fresh, leaving them nutritionally insufficient. Here are some methods to know if your spice stash has lost it favor and couldn’t be used for cooking anymore.

·        Firstly generally sniff the spices and if it smells mephitic it is quite prevalent that the spices have gone bad. Even if it is said that the spices have gone bad, consuming it will not make you sick.

·         The shelf life of some spices are

o      Basil, oregano, and rosemary are leafy herbs that take 1-2 years to expire or go bad

o      1–1.5 years for ground spices

o       3–4 years for whole spices

o      One can store salt indefinitely before going bad.

LYFEPURE premium natural spices are packed in such a way that you will finish using them before wondering that they have gone bad or not. 

There are a few ways in which you can keep a check or maintain the freshness of spices   

Too much airflow can degrade the quality of the spices, reducing their freshness, flavor, and scent. Store the spices in airtight containers.

Specialists have mentioned it before and now that the freshness and shelf life of spices rely on the fact of how they are stored not for how long they stored.

·        Spices should not be kept in the refrigerator since the dampness can shorten their shelf life. There’s also the possibility that the spice will absorb scents from the fridge. It can definitely mess with your spice palette while also causing some negative food reactions.

·        Do not purchase spices in bulk doing this is a waste of space and waste of good product you can always find best quality product at LYFEPURE.

·        Try and buy whole spices rather than ground once.

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