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How Do You Check the Quality of Spices?

Traditionally and in modern-day India have been the largest producer and exporter of spices. In the modern times to get a good quality product or to know the authenticity of a product is a hassle. Many people still buy spices from the local market and to know if the product is genuine is a struggle. The quality test standards of spices can be hampered due to various things, like weather and contamination at the time of packaging; this all can have major impacts on the quality of spices. 

It is really important to know the quality of spices and here are some of the ways to check the quality. LYFEPURE has put together a useful blueprint for you to help you determine the quality of spices

  • Turmeric

Nowadays turmeric is mixed with colored flours to increase the quantity of the product in the package however it is a very simple process to judge the quality with just a pinch in warm water and its substance floats on the top it is not a 100% pure turmeric powder. 

LYFEPURE Turmeric Powder contains a lot of antioxidants that are very beneficial to your health.

  • Black Pepper

Black peppercorn is often mixed with papaya seeds as both look alike and money could be saved and made by doing so. Both papaya seeds and black peppercorn are the same size and have the same texture.

Before purchasing you should crush it if it is authentic black pepper it will break into big pieces and leave oil, if the peppercorn breaks into small pieces, it is either a poor-quality product or an old peppercorn. LYFEPURE black pepper is packed with all the natural goodness. 

  • Chilli Powder

One of the most used spices in Indian cuisine any Indian dish would be incomplete without
chilli powder, one of the most used and also adulterated spices but it is also very easy to detect the credibility of chilli powder just add a little bit of chilli powder in warm water pure chilli powder should sink to the bottom of the container without and color change. 

LYFEPURE chilli powder gives you the real taste of chilli required for the Indian taste palate. 

  • Cumin Powder 

To check the quality of cumin powder, add a spoonful of powder to water the natural ingredients will sink and the additives will start to float LYFEPURE cumin powder will surely succeed in this quality test. LYFEPURE spices are natural and authentic.

LYFEPURE spices comprise natural and healthy components, great for your body and helps you have a healthy lifestyle.

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