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One of the most popular lentils used in India is split black gram, also known as urad dal. Its abundance in protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamin B accounts for this. Because it contains a lot of iron, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium, urad dal is very good for expecting mothers.

Dosa, papad, and medu vada are just a few of the dishes that use urad dal frequently. Additionally, it is a typical component of Ayurvedic medicines due to its high nutritional value. Always choose the best organic food brands to extract the proper nutrient and taste of the food.

Top 7 Advantages of Eating Urad Dal

  1. Promotes Digestion

Both soluble and insoluble fiber are abundant in urad dal, which aids in better digestion. It is in charge of peristaltic motion stimulation and bulking up bowel stool. It is the best treatment for cramps, bloating, diarrhea, and even constipation.

Urad dal is also advised for those with piles or colic disorder because of its high fiber content. Additionally, it is thought that this lentil is a superior liver stimulant.

  • Safeguards Your Heart

Magnesium and potassium are two minerals found in urad dal that are beneficial for heart health. In order to maintain healthy cholesterol levels for our cardiovascular system, these minerals work in conjunction with fiber. Additionally, they stop atherosclerosis. Potassium enhances blood flow and guards against artery wall deterioration.

  • Improves Bone Health

Magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium are key minerals found in urad dal that are essential for enhancing bone density. Regular consumption of urad dal can support bone health and guard against bone-related conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis.

  • Aids In Diabetes Management

The high fiber content of urad dal, which also indirectly aids in regulating and maintaining glucose levels, is one of its main health advantages. In order to manage diabetes, you must keep an eye on your diet and note everything you consume. The fiber in urad dal helps to keep you fuller for longer and controls how well your digestive system assimilates nutrients.

  • A Fantastic Energy Source

Due to the high iron content in urad dal, one of its main health advantages is its ability to prevent anemia. Urad dal can increase your overall energy levels and keep you active all day long.

Red blood cells (RBCs), which carry oxygen to the organs, are produced with the aid of iron. In light of the increased risk of iron deficiency in pregnant women, urad dal should be a part of their diets. Regular consumption of urad dal also increases body energy levels and replenishes RBCs.

  • Reduces Inflammation And Pain

Urad dal can offer immediate relief if you are experiencing pain or inflammation. This lentil is rich in minerals and vitamins that speed up metabolism. Urad dal can be ground into a paste and applied directly to sore muscles and joints. The ability of urad dal to lessen levels of oxidative stress is yet another crucial advantage.

  • Beneficial for Skin

Urad dal’s high mineral and vitamin content supports the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. It lessens skin irritation, and because of its high iron content, the body gets more oxygen for healthy, luminous skin. Additionally, urad dal can lessen acne, tan, and sunburn. The essential fatty acids found in lentils can strengthen hair and keep it from becoming brittle, making it great for hair as well.


When it comes to eating well, urad dal can be a blessing. And since organic food is free of toxins for your body, it is even better!

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