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Try These Delicious Besan-Made Weight-Loss Dishes

Besan (gram flour) or chickpea powder is a wonder food for weight loss because it is high in fiber and nutrients. Few people realize that besan has fewer calories than wheat flour and can help you lose weight. The underappreciated besan not only helps with weight loss by lowering calories, but it also helps with diabetes, heart health, allergies, and skincare. Furthermore, unlike other healthy foods, besan is extremely versatile. Some dishes made with besan are extremely tasty. So, here are some healthy but tasty besan recipes to help you on your weight loss journey:


This halwa is made by roasting gram flour and then adding milk to it. To make it healthier, use jaggery to add sweetness instead of sugar, if you prefer. Adding dry fruits not only improves the flavour but also makes it more visually appealing.


As previously stated, gramme flour contains fewer calories than wheat flour. It is an excellent substitute for those extra calories. To make this, combine equal parts gramme flour and wheat flour and knead it. If you prefer thin chapatis, increase the amount of wheat flour in the recipe. If desired, add a pinch of garlic and coriander leaves to enhance the flavour.


It is a rustic gravy dish from Rajasthan’s belly that is made by making besan balls and boiling them in water. These balls are then cooked in a gravy made of onions, ginger, and garlic paste, as well as spices. This flavorful dish is typically served with rice.


How can we leave out Gujarat’s favourite snack, which is made entirely of gramme flour? Dhokla contains only 45-50 calories because it is steamed, which may surprise you. It goes well with breakfast or tea in the evening.


Besan flour is not only beneficial for weight loss and diabetes management, but it may also be beneficial to your skin’s beauty. Besan is an excellent choice for incorporating nutritious flour into your diet.

As a result of its positive impact on our health and skin, we learned about the role of besan in shaping our health. Looking at the numerous advantages of besan, if you are looking to buy pure besan, Lyfepure offers the best organic food products in India.

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